Company news

12.03.2020 TOAZ orders UWC-produced hopper cars for transportation of mineral fertilizers
Companies have signed a contract on the supply of 200 Tikhvin-produced hopper cars.
26.02.2020 UWC flat cars for European track gauge pass testing
The test results grant UWC the right to fulfil contract to supply 270 rolling stock units.
13.02.2020 Polish operator Laude Smart Intermodal SA orders additional batch of Tikhvin-produced cars
Companies have signed a new contract on the supply of 200 flat cars.
06.02.2020 United Wagon Company receives RC FRT certification for two articulated hopper cars
To date, UWC has received certification for three types of articulated rolling stock.
24.01.2020 Arkhbum to receive new batch of Tikhvin-produced flat cars for transporting timber
The operator will receive 25 flat cars for the transportation of timber.